Dr. Jordan Schaul

Dr. Jordan Schaul has worked with exotic animals, domestic and alternative livestock, and companion animals for over 20 years, but his first family pet was Sunshine, a poodle. As a long-lived beloved family companion, Sunshine brought great joy, but was not particularly trained. For many years he had exotic pets of his own from alligators to parrots, but only recently adopted his own dog. Baron, a 4-year-old rescued red doberman keeps him on his toes.

Jordan is passionate about educating clients and the general public about best animal care and welfare practices. In regard to animal training and behavior modification, Jordan has worked both protected and free-contact (with no protective barriers) with species ranging from elephants to sea lions in facilities as diverse as rescue centers, zoos and sanctuaries both in the US and internationally.

Among his favorite experiences interacting with animals, he raised and trained two orphaned Kodiak brown bear cubs while Curator of the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. This opportunity inspired him to focus more of his energy on the welfare of of both captive wildlife and companion animals through behavioral enrichment and training.

Dr. Schaul utilizes a balanced approach to his conditioning and enrichment programs with canine companions here at ICan!K-9. Dr. Schaul received his graduate degrees in zoology and veterinary science from The Ohio State University. He was an affiliate professor at the University of Alaska and is a nature and science writer. He also writes about animal training.